VenaSeal providers in Atlanta

Who is Performing the VenaSeal Procedure in Atlanta?

VenaSeal in Atlanta has only been performed by the top vein specialists. Dr. Paul Feldman of Truffles Vein Specialists is one of the few in the south to have been selected to perform this state of the art procedure at his Fayetteville, Georgia location.

You will find that many vein providers advertise the new VenaSeal procedure, however there are only two physicians in the Atlanta area who have actually performed the treatment. Dr. Ricotta in Roswell, Georgia and Dr. Feldman in Fayetteville, Georgia are the only vein doctors to actually perform the procedure at the time of this publication. For those on the south side, who prefer to avoid the task of navigating Atlanta traffic, Dr. Paul Feldman at Truffles Vein Specialists is now offering the VenaSeal procedure. There are plenty of other vein treatment facilities that advertise VenaSeal, and some may be working toward performing the procedure, however there are also a lot of vein centers who will not perform this premium vein treatment due to its upfront cost. When calling to schedule an appointment it is important to ask if they have any experience in performing the VenaSeal procedure.   

Truffles Vein Specialists is a premier vein center located in Fayetteville, Georgia convenient to Peachtree City, McDonough, Griffin, Senoia and Newnan. Dr. Paul Feldman is a board certified surgeon who performs VenaSeal, endovenous ablation, as well as other medical and cosmetic vein procedures. Vein disease is a medical condition and is often covered by medical insurance. The VenaSeal procedure is not currently covered by insurance at this time.


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