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Truffles Vein Specialists treats patients with integrity. Does you current provider slow playing your vein treatment? Is your pre-authorization process taking forever, maybe it is not your insurance company but the policies and processes of the facility.

One the biggest complaints and misconceptions is that medical vein treatment does not help with appearance. Some doctors will tell their patients to give it time and hopefully the ugly surface veins will go away. This leaves the patient spending a lot of money having procedures but not getting the results they really intended. At Truffles Vein Specialists we will not drag you along. We will not push you to procedures and then leave you hanging when it comes to the secondary treatments such as sclerotherapy. We will not use your insurance company as an excuse for poor customer service. Another words we are going to treat you and the disease process with respect. We will treat you as want to be treated. 

Many surgeons only focus on the endovenous ablation part of vein treatment. Yes, this procedure does have the greatest impact in regard to pain in the extremity, however with advanced disease there are many secondary veins that remain after endovenous ablation. Performing secondary procedures like micro-phlebectomy, foam sclerotherapy (standard of care) and liquid sclerotherapy results in a high quality treatment that will make you feel and look better!

Do you have vein disease? Find out now!

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