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Let's dance! How Truffles Vein Specialists got instructor Eddie Huffman back on the line

Eddie Huffman is a line dance instructor for Fayette Senior Services. He suffered leg pain and large varicose veins and received treatment by Dr. Paul Feldman and Truffles Vein Specialists and feels fantastic.
Let's dance! How Truffles Vein Specialists got instructor Eddie Huffman back on the line

Twenty years ago, Eddie Huffman and his wife discovered line dancing when a Sunday School friend invited them to a class at the local Moose Lodge. They had a terrific time and quickly became regulars. Five years later, Eddie started teaching his own classes. Today, he teaches two hour-long classes most days – and hosts a three-hour open line dance party once a month – through Fayette Senior Services. It’s a job he absolutely loves, but a few years back, it got a whole lot tougher to do – and much more painful.

“I’ve had issues with the veins in my legs for years,” he says, “and I had a very large vein on the inside of my left leg that was terribly swollen most of the time. That leg was actually visibly larger than my right one because of it. The whole leg got heavy after dancing for a while and I started getting knots on the back of my calf. My ankles started swelling terribly and, at the end of our monthly event, I was completely worn out, totally exhausted. I’d have to go home, put my feet up, apply ice packs. And I was done for the day. It was really rough.”

Then one of Eddie’s students told him about her experience with Truffles Vein Specialists in Fayetteville. Her treatment had made a world of difference for her and she thought Truffles could help Eddie too. He called, made an appointment, and quickly discovered he no longer had to live with the pain, swelling, and exhaustion that went with his vein disorder. 

“Eddie had several veins that needed work, but the large one was definitely the most major issue,” says Dr. Paul Feldman Phlebologist and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Truffles. “We were able to combine radio frequency ablation and foam sclerotherapy to decompress the veins and it worked very well, as it does for most patients. Both processes are minimally invasive, treatments only take about 30 minutes each, and patients typically need only a few sessions.”

For Eddie, the treatments made an immediate – and significant – difference.

“Part of it was appearance, it’s true,” he says. “The veins were embarrassing and now that’s gone. But more importantly, I can dance as much as I like now without having problems or getting tired. And, in fact, the ultrasound turned up an underlying, unrelated problem that I was able to have taken care of. I’m only disappointed that I waited so long to have something done about my veins. It was quick, it was easy, there was virtually no discomfort – and the staff is professional, but also friendly and welcoming. There’s no reason not to have it done, really.”

“It’s really amazing what a difference treatment can make for people,” Dr. Feldman adds. “People think it will be painful or complicated – or that there’s nothing to be done. But we really can help. And, unlike many clinics, we typically treat multiple veins in each session if the patient needs it, so they can have fewer treatments, spend less, and be back to their lives sooner.”

Eddie was so pleased with his results that he’s already referred several people, including a few of his line dance students.

“Don’t hesitate,” he says. “Just call, go see the folks at Truffles, and get it done. You don’t have to keep suffering and you’ll feel great afterwards. Look at me. I can really enjoy dancing again – one of my favorite things. If you can do what you love doing again, isn’t that plenty of reason to go ahead and check it out? Why wait?”


Eddie and Elaine Huffman dance at the Fayette Senior Services.
Eddie and Elaine Huffman
Let's dance! How Truffles Vein Specialists got instructor Eddie Huffman back on the line
Download this amazing testimony by Eddie Huffman a line dance instructor for the Fayette Senior Services.
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