Abdominal Venous Testing

May Thurner Syndrome in a patient with left leg swelling, increased leg size when compared to the other side.

Abdominal venous testing is a new frontier and Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS is one of the leading sonographers in the detection of iliac vein compression and pelvic compression syndromes. Truffles doesn't treat iliac vein obstruction directly, however we have teamed up with one of the top specialists in the world to provide the treatment necessary when proximal disease is found. Diagnosing proximal disease is one that is often overlooked at many institutions and thus we receive patients from hundreds of miles to get high quality abdominal venous testing. If you have one leg that is larger than the other, a history of pelvic pain during menstruation, painful intercourse or swelling in the legs after back or abdominal surgery call today and see if you may have an underlying stenosis or obstruction that has been missed.