Leg pain, it could be your veins

Did you know that 1 in 4 patients who see a pain doctor for rediculopathy (nerve pain in the legs) has undiagnosed chronic venous insufficiency.  Most of these patients have signs and symptoms of vein disease that has been missed by their primary care physician.  Most people think of varicose veins when it comes to vein disease, however the disease can manifest itself in many ways including leg swelling or edema.  Many patients with chronic leg pain will have mild edema (sock lines at the end of the day), have hyperpigmentation (darked skin on the lower third of the leg), restless legs and tire achy legs but not necessarily bulging veins.   

If you have had injections for leg pain and didn't get lasting results you should be evaluated for chronic venous insufficiency. 

Many patients experience shooting pain when they get up in the middle of the night from leg cramps. These cramps can be caused by several factors such as fatigue, dehydration, loss of electrolytes, a potassium or magnesium imbalance, or side effects from medications we are taking. But leg cramps can also be caused by arterial or venous circulation problems as well. 

Our muscles contract and relax as we use them throughout the day. However, if you start to notice that you have cramping while you are walking a short distance, but then later recover with some rest, it could be a sign of arterial disease. Fortunately, testing can help find the primary cause of your leg pain and cramping to rule out any serious medical issues or help you find treatment options if a medical condition is discovered. These treatment options are usually non-invasive and can be performed in-office without surgery. 

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