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Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS is a vein specialists who provides consulting and training all over the United States. He is on the media committee with the SVU, has spoken at many regional and national events and conferences.

You can see Brian's professional bio on LinkedIn. He is very passionate about vascular testing and is the Technical Director of Truffles Vein Specialists.  He is a consultant specialists in the area of vascular testing and vein treatments. Brian has provided over 150 clinical training's for vascular testing and brings a wealth of knowledge to Truffles. 

Brian created and teaches the Philips Healthcare Venous Insufficiency: Ultrasound Diagnosis and Disease Management course. This is the University level course and is intended for experienced sonographers, physicians and advanced providers.  It is an honor that Philips Healthcare the worldwide leader in ultrasound considers Brian the subject matter expert when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. 

In 2014 Brian won the D. E. Strandness, MD, Scientific Award for Excellence in Scientific Research for his work on the "Patterns and Distribution of Deep Vein Thrombus in the Lower Extremity" and presented his research at The International Congress on Thrombosis in Valencia, Spain. 

In 2019 Brian was a finalists for the same award for his work on the diagnosis of iliac vein compression and pelvic congestion in the non-thrombotic patient. 

Before Truffles Vein Specialists Brian was the Technical Director of Piedmont Healthcare's Southern Vein Care for 11 years. In 2015, he decided to partner with Dr. Paul Feldman as they both had the same approach to patient care and wanted to impact the community in a meaningful way. Brian has been on the board of the Society for Vascular ultrasound and serves on the professional guideline committee and was the past chair of the eLearning committee. As of 2024 Brian is the President - Elect for the Sociey for Vascular Ultrasound.  Brian is married and has two adult children.  In 2024, Brian was given a leadership award by the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and was also awarded Fellow designation. This is the highest honor that the SVU can bestow its members. He is also on the social media committee for the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and host a Vascular Technologist Group of 10,000+ members on Facebook.  Listen to Brian as he interviews leaders in the vein treatment industry on the HeyMufreir Podcast.

Curriculum Vitae

Skills and Qualifications

• Philips ISITE PACS Administrator for PAPP Clinic/Piedmont Medical Care Corporation. Responsible for all day to day operations of PACS equipment including image workflow, archiving, auto routing, and prefetching and other related activities. Works closely with senior management in the development of operating standards, policies and procedures.

• Technical Director of IAC Accredited Vascular Laboratory – Created IAC protocols and procedures for vascular lab. Routinely performed quality assurance and oversight of vascular testing outlined by the IAC.

• Vascular consulting for hospitals, clinics and private practice on every aspect of the vascular lab including testing, protocols, procedures, marketing and training of staff.

• Extensive experience performing vascular ultrasound and other non-invasive testing in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Perform every vascular test in an IAC accredited facility as well as other more specialized vascular exams.

• Created multiple websites for a dedicated vein practice. In charge of onsite SEO, social marketing and client interaction through media and blogs.

• Extensive experience in capital equipment purchasing, negotiating and understanding of utilization in the vascular lab/vein practice setting.

• Excellent communication and leadership skills including but not limited to: training, initiating changes in protocols and procedures, quality assurance, and being a liaison between the vascular practices and the various hospitals they serve.

• Experienced in performing intraoperative ultrasound guidance for endovenous ablation of the saphenous vein, perforating veins and treatment of varicosities of the lower extremity.




Ultrasound Diagnostic School, Atlanta, Georgia General Diagnostic Ultrasound


July 1995-August 1996 – Certificate

Ultrasound Diagnostic School, Atlanta, Georgia Cardiovascular Science August 1996-October 1997 - Certificate


State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia

Sanford University, Birmingham, Alabama


Work Experience


Truffles Vein Specialists November 2015 – Present Partner and Technical Director Vascular Lab


Vein Specialists – Fort Myers July 2015-Present


Technical Director Vascular Laboratory

PAPP Clinic/Piedmont Healthcare, Newnan, Georgia September 2004-November 2015


ISITE PACS Administrator 2010-2014


Clinical Consultant Application Specialist

Registered Vascular Solutions, Newnan Georgia

March 2006 – Present

President - Vascular Education Consultant


Harbin Clinic, LLC, Rome, Georgia

October 1997-July 2001, March 2002-June 2004

Staff Vascular Technologist


15+ years of experience in didactic and hands-on education in all areas of vascular ultrasound. Performance of over 130 clinical education classes in the continental United States.


Speaking Engagements and Training Experience Sapp, Brian. “Vascular Ultrasound”

SLMAS Day Symposium April 14th, 2014

Sapp, Brian “Patterns and Distribution of Thrombus of the Lower Extremity”. D.E. Strandness, MD, Scientific and Oral Clinical Scientific Papers session. 2014 SVU National Conference August 6th-9th, 2014, Lake Buena Vista, Fl.

“Venous Insufficiency Testing Society for Vascular Ultrasound Webinar Series 2014

“Arterial Physiologic Testing More Than ABI’s” Society for Vascular Ultrasound Webinar Series 2016

“Diagnosing Venous Compression and Congestion Through Lower Extremity Indicators” Society for Vascular Ultrasound Webinar Series 2017

2015 North Carolina Ultrasound Society Spring Symposium – 4 lectures on Vascular Ultrasound

May 2017 RVT Review Course Instructor – Society for Vascular Ultrasound Atlanta, Georgia November

2017 WSUP Wisconsin Society of Ultrasound Professionals 4 Vascular Topics

October 2017 RVT Review Course Instructor – Society for Vascular Ultrasound Baltimore, Maryland


2018 SVU National Conference - Endothelial Heat Induced Thrombus - The Role of the Post Ablation Ultrasound

2018 SDMS National Conference - - Post Ablation Ultrasound: What is it and What are We Looking for? Diagnosing Venous Compression and Congestion

2018 WSUP Conference - Vascular Track

SCSVU - Iliac Vein Compression and Pelvic Congestion : Role of the Lower Extremity Venous Exam

2018 - AVID Symposium - Deep Vein Thrombosis Expert Panel - Social Media and Healthcare

2019 - Created and Teaching Philips Healthcare VASC 340 Advanced Vein Class (six lecture topics) at Seven Locations including: Virginia Beach, Houston, Lake Tahoe, Maui, New Orleans, Phoenix and Chicago.

2019 - Finalist for the Eugene Strandness Scientific Award - SVU National Convention, Pelvic Vein Pathology and Live Iliac and Pelvic Vein Imaging, Social Media and Healthcare

2019 WSUP Conference - 4 Vascular Talks

2019 SDMS - Iliac Vein Compression Live Scanning and Venous Waveform and Pathology

2020 Philips VASC 340 Advanced Vein Class (six lecture topics) at 11 Locations including: Palm Coast , Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, Virginia Beach, New York, NY (2), Naples, Florida, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Lake Tahoe, Scottsdale, Maui, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2021 Society for Vascular Ultrasound – Rapid Fire Case Based Learning, Left Renal and Ovarian Vein Reflux Duplex, What is the source of leg swelling?

2021 Society for Vascular Ultrasound – Eugene Strandness Oral Scientific Award Finalist “Accuracy of Iliac Vein Duplex compared to other Modalities.

Published in 2022 Spring Issue

2021 Philips on-site Merced California

Philips virtual Las Vegas, Naples, Scottsdale, Palm Coast, Lake Tahoe, New York

October 2021: South Carolina Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SCCVU) Regional Symposium: Venous Insufficiency Testing

2022  Philips VASC 340 Advanced Vein Class (six lecture topics) at multiple locations including: Palm Coast , Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, Virginia Beach, New York, NY, Naples, Florida, Hilton Head, South Carolina, San Diego, Scottsdale. Terre Haute, Indiana (on-site), New Orleans, Louisiana.

2022- Virtual UCLA – Venous Insufficiency

2022 – SVU National Conference: “Leg Swelling Masquerading as Vein Disease”, Moderation of the Venous Section.

2023  Philips VASC 340 Advanced Vein Class at multiple locations including: Palm Coast , Florida, Naples, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Miami, Florida, New Orleans.

On-site training in Tri-Cities, Tennesee

2023- SVU National Conference – Nuances in Venous Anatomy, Deep Venous Insufficiency and Why it Matters.

2023- SCSVU- Venous Insufficiency and Treatment Options and Decisions

2023 – UCLA – Onsite Diagnosis and Management of Vein Disease


Honors and Awards


Harbin Star

D.E. Strandness, MD, Scientific Award for Vascular Research 2014

Fellow for the Society for Vascular Ultrasound, 2024. 

Leadership Award (Society for Vascular Ultrasound, 2024).


Created and Lecturer of the VASC340 course for Philips Ultrasound: Venous Insufficiency: Ultrasound Diagnosis and Disease Management 

Volunteer Board Member – Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance 2015-2023

Chair of the E-Learning Committee – Society for Vascular Ultrasound 2015-2017

Professional Guidelines Committee Member – Society for Vascular Ultrasound 2017 - Present

President Elect - Society for Vascular Ultrasound


Ultrasound Credentials and Membership


Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT)

Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPhS))

Accredited Vein Centers
Vein Experts
Truffles Vein Specialists is a Society for Vascular Ultrasound Signature Lab Member

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